TO live
a life free of plastic


Julia Bayer is a German journalist and the creator of #Ichnehmsohne. 3 years ago she decided to live a life without plastic. “Everything started as a game with some friends, as one of those new year resolutions,” she explains. But then it became one of the most important changes in her life. 

#WeAreClimate talked to her to know more about how that transformation process was, and what are the basic tips to turn into a plastic-free life.


WAC: Why did you decide to start?

JB: Mainly because as a journalist I am aware of the damage that plastics cause to oceans and environment. I was also really inspired by Colin Beavan, the No Impact Man, a new yorker that made the effort in becoming into a completely green life in a drastic effort to curb his environmental impact. So, in 2014 I decided to live a life without plastic, as a new year resolution. The first idea was to do it for at least one week, and I created a blog to share the process with friends and family. There I documented the challenges and how that transformation was, and it happened that we received 10 thousand clicks in only one article. That really encouraged me to keep doing it and eventually, it became a habit.


WAC: So, what are the basics that you need to live a “no plastic” life?

JB: It’s really easy. You only need to be very organized and carry with you at least 2 tote bags per day, reusable water bottles, some reusable coffee cups, and one or two small glass containers, that you’ll use to carry your food and also to use it as containers when you order packaging free plastic food in markets.



WAC: Can you, please, tell us a little bit more about the shop owners reactions?

JB: It was amazing to see that reaction. They were positive and supportive. Some of them even congratulated me and they said, “I wish I could have more customers like you”. That also created a chain with customers who started to imitate me and stopped using plastic as well. Now we have a movement: a lot of markets join us, using a sticker at the door as a reference, to inform that there they give you a discount if you carry your own bag and you don’t consume plastic. What happened it’s so exciting that we even created the free packaging cities guide.

WAC: That’s amazing! But, I can imagine that you had to face certain challenges, right?

JB: Yes! Especially at the beginning. I started using recipes to do my own shampoo, toothpaste or deodorant, for instance. And I also stopped consuming certain products like cookies or chips.
WAC: How do you think your life changed after this?
JB: I feel that I am a new person, now I am more aware of the importance that we have in the chain of life, and also very proud that I helped friends, family, and readers to be more educated and informed because some of them stopped using plastic as well.