Save The World Without Getting Out Of Your Sofa


“It’s 2050 and your granddaughter, Ohno, is suffering. Your climate action today will change her world and transform her life for the better.” That’s the plea that inspired 2015 MIT Climate CoLab Judge’s Choice Winner for the Shifting Attitudes and Behaviors contest, SaveOhno and their innovative proposal. This proposal works to spark climate action from average individuals.  

How does SaveOhno work? SaveOhno first delivers relevant environmental petitions from in a rapid-fire, gamified format. You gain points for supporting or skipping a petition, and redeem them for 1) rewards from environmental brands, and 2) improvements in Ohno’s world and life. Once you feel more active in the climate movement, SaveOhno lets you earn more perks and improvements with real-world climate actions. The ‘next step’, or, real-world actions are provided by approved climate organizations who can access an army of dedicated and motivated individuals through the platform.

The platform is really easy to use. “SaveOhno redefines this problem by making action on climate simple, personal, impactful, and immediately rewarding.  It does this by translating peoples’ climate action today into its impact on their fictional granddaughter, Ohno, who lives in the future”, the founders Dylan Husted and Quentin Prideaux said.  
SaveOhno expanded beyond climate change to the environment as a whole, with plans to expand to all societal issues in the future for this very reason. They want to put you in the driver’s seat of your own life, by providing you with the opportunities and communities necessary to create change without completely disrupting your lifestyle. Yes, you can make a great impact and save the Planet without getting off of your sofa.

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